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Welcome to downtown Greenville's HOTTEST Salon
Technique. Vision. Artistry.
We're great storytellers!

Change your hair...change your life!

We are downtown Greenville’s HOTTEST spot for hair and our philosophy is simple...

A great style is when you feel beautiful inside and out. We are upscale yet utterly unpretentious. Chris and Ashley Maddox of Atlanta opened Christopher Ashley Salon in June 2006. They have traveled internationally to teach and study in this amazing technique via Paris, London, New York and California. Escape to a place where the vibe is peaceful and unhurried. Our staff has a real passion for their craft and are eager to provide you with an exceptional visit. We provide only the most luxurious products available to preserve the health of your hair. We appreciate the opportunity to serve your hair care needs and are looking forward to your visit. Call or book online to reserve your appointment today.

Why Christopher Ashley Salon?

Think of us as artistic tailors if you will. We offer a different mindset than the traditional salon. We don’t think about a haircut or color for you. More like...propose a VISION about the potential you could have with your style. Anyone can plop a haircut on someone or throw a few random foils in. The question is can they offer something remarkable that looks like it “belongs” too you? We see hair like a material just waiting to spring to life. You wouldn’t wear an outfit too long, too wide or the wrong color right? Your hair is no different and we can show you. We bring the ideas of painting and tailoring together to create flair in our craft. An old French methodology is the basis for our skills. We are also the exclusive salon to offer hair painting, the most modern way to color hair without the use of foils. This artful way of doing hair gives us freedom to customize a look as unique as the individual. We hope this gives you an idea about our culture and that you come experience it for yourself. See great before and after pictures of our hair painting and style changes on Facebook, Instagram and The Painted Razor Blog.

What's HOT in Haircuts

What's HOT in Haircuts?

What’s hot in hair you ask? Any style that makes you look and feel incredible! We are about what’s right for YOU. Whimsical, soft, sexy, wash and wear looks are the current direction. How do you get there? Easy! Get a cut that lets your natural texture come alive. Stop fighting it and start embracing it. Hair needs variation in length, wispiness, texture and lift to have personality and be fashionable.

Scissors are great but razors, texturizing shears and products are key to unleashing the full potential of your style. Try seeing yourself in a new light. Mess with perfection. Balance and proportion are the keys to looking modern. Products bring the cut to life and are essential in duplicating your new style at home. They also give the cut the versatility to be worn different ways. Each guest gets their own prescription sheet outlining which product to use and how to use it. It’s the overall look and feel that creates a true style. Your hair has plenty of potential. The question is are you willing to go for it!
What's HOT in Color

What's HOT in Color?

We offer you hair painting. Absolutely the most modern approach to coloring hair. Artistic in feel, seamless in flow. Color should reflect the life of your personality. It should make others want it on their head. Color makes your haircut smile :) and a puts little pep in your step. Without color, our world would be a boring and dull place. Multi-tonal hues dance through the hair to create interest and movement. Did you know color speaks? It can “whisper” like fresh falling snow or “sing” like the most brilliant sunset. Look at any child’s hair for natural beauty and a clue of what to create. No more colors that are 1 shade. This looks more like a box job straight from your bathroom than anything else. And by the way, color does not have to equal maintenance. The canvas we create for you will match your needs for maintenance whether its 4 weeks or 4 months. This is the beauty of hair painting.

So try stepping out of the “box” and let the Christopher Ashley team transform your color into buttery blondes, sultry brunettes or racy reds.
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